January, we hardly knew ye

This has been a crazy month of paper signing and painting, and redoing hardwood floors and painting, and moving and painting… but the house is coming along. We moved in, or at least spent our first night there on Saturday and from what we can tell it isn’t haunted by either ghosts or walls that suddenly collaspe once all the paperwork is signed.

And it turns out that we will have the house paid off during Emily’s senior year in high school, just in time to put the money toward college expenses, or at the rate that tuition is rising, her McDonald’s fry cook training.

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1 Comment

  1. Wow Eric’s 40 that even makes me feel old. Looks like you guys have your hands full, as do we. Great to see all is well. You’ll have to talk Jessica into blogging. All we have is this funny web page. Go Broncos!