Who are you and why are you here?

Here is the thing, there is a counter on the bottom of this page that I put there as a reminder to myself that I should keep an eye on just how much I visit my own kid’s page.

And while I do like to look at my kids, there is no way that I have been here 400 times. I also know that the great bulk of our family is internet-free, so that leads me to today’s question: just who is visiting this page and why?

Is it people like me? Friends living far away that are curious to see how the kids, and Eric and I, are turning out? I have to admit I check the family blogs of our faraway friends a lot. Is is people that I went to high school with judging me and my kids? If so, I better put better-looking pictures of myself on here, the kids are pretty good looking already. Perhaps it is someone drawn in my my sparkling wit and poor spelling. Because really, who isn’t drawn to that?

I’m just wondering, so if you get a minute, and I know you have one because you’re here, drop a line in the comments to let me know.

Also, for Cynthia, who asked: katelyn107@yahoo.com

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  1. There is no one here but us robots, tirelessly combing the web, gathering data. Gathering. Gathering. We pass it back to our senders so they can organize it, mine it, use it, and sell it. Simultaneously impersonal and invasive, cold and creepy.