I blame Martha

The week before last it seems that Emily mentioned to me that she’d like to have a little tea party in the park someday. While that may be what she said, what I heard was Martha Stewart in my ear singing siren songs of fruit kabobs and sandwiches in the shape of flowers.

This was no little tea party in the park. This was a move furniture, set up tents, bake homemade brownies until midnight the night before kind of shebang.

Lanette was kind enough to bring her camera to document the entire thing for use in my commitment trial.

Exhibit 1: Emily who probably just wanted PB&J and juice at the park, but she is kind to put up with her mother’s over-the-topness.

Exhibit 2: The girls mid tea party.

Exhibit 3: The girls are joined at last by Carson who was invited and was at the park the entire time but who, once he saw the table said, “Wait a minute. Is this some kind of TEA party? No way!” And off he went to do rough and tumble “boy things” until the girls lured him back with fruit kabobs. Ah, sweet, sweet fruit kabobs. Is there no end to their power?

I have no idea why Emily is making that face, but I do know that it wasn’t because Carson joined them. We haven’t gotten to the cootie stage yet.

By the way, in the background please notice my fabulous $700 van. I just realized tonight that we got it two years ago and it still runs if not exactly like a dream then at least far from a nightmare. I say, $700 well spent!

Some people get a great deal of pleasure showing off their expensive things, I am perhaps a bit too far the other way. If I could piece together a mode of transportation for free it would make my year. I am doing pretty well so far since my bike and the trailer together were only $21. Anyway, back to the tea party.

Exhibit 4: Claudia who was not invited to the kid’s table but instead had to sit with the moms until the big kids went off to play and only then could she sneak over and knock down all the teapots and cup in protest for such shabby treatment.

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