We are all still alive although the absence of any posts here may suggest otherwise. Big changes have taken place around here: Will is cruising, Emily is reading, and Claudia is working on a career in stand up. All in all we are well.

Here are photos from this years trick-or-treat fest. I should note that when I just typed that I first typed trick-or-teat fest which, in all honesty, is what it was for Will.

Here is Will as Charlie Brown. Clearly it was homemade… hopefully is is less clear that it was made just an hour of so before we set out.
Here is Emily as Cinderella. I think her pose tells you pretty much what Emily is into in a nutshell. She is a very girly girl.

Claudia, on the other hand, is not all pink frills and that is a nice difference between them. She went as a dinosaur.

Here are all three on the front steps in our annual photo. We have yet to carve a pumpkin in any of their lifetimes. I’m not sure why that is. We collected a lot of pumpkins this year and not a one was gutted. New this year was the lask of random stuff leaning against the stairs in the picture.

After we went out begging we were treated to a tractor ride by or dear friend Ashlyn (and her mom.) Ashlyn was kind enough to trick-or-treat with us and we were thrilled to have her along.

The girls loved the tractor ride in a “I GOT TO DRIVE THE TRACTOR!” (Claudia) and “I GOT TO SIT ON THE FLOOR!” (Emily) way. Really? I’m not sure that I would think that the floor was as great as driving but I am glad for them that they did.

Loading up.

Emily, Claudia, and Ashlyn in the cab.

Claudia and Emily in the cab.

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