Here we go again

I will be having surgery on my spine to remove two lesions on August 26th in Chicago. The reason for the long wait is that I really wanted this specific neurosurgeon. I have had five surgeries to remove tumors from my spinal cord in the past. Four, all with this neurosurgeon, went well. The one with a different neurosurgeon that I picked out because the location was conveint, was not great.

The problem is my surgeon spends a great deal of his time traveling and giving talks now, so he’s gone a lot. He felt that because this surgery would be more difficult (since part of it would be opening up a section of the spinal cord that has been operated on three previous times and has had radiation therapy all of which has caused scar tissue) he wanted to not just do the surgery, but be in town and available for the week after, while I am in the hospital, in case there were complications.

Right now, I am doing well at home. I’m frustrated by my limitations, but am able to do most things, at least for a small amount of time.

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