More excitement that I can handle

Two days ago I threw my back out playing Just Dance at a Fourth of July get together because that’s how I roll. The last two days have been painful, but it had been getting better… until tonight.

Moments ago I raised my arm just to waist height while trying to put away leftovers after dinner and was knocked to the floor in tremendous pain. Unable to stand up or even sit, I hunched on all fours on the floor and put the Lamaze breathing I never got to use in my three C-sections to work. Claudia came rushing in and stated, “At safety camp they told us if our mom or dad was on the floor couldn’t get up we should call 911,” which, for some reason, made me laugh, which made the pain shooting through my spine worse.

The moral of the story? I need to find more exciting ways to explain my Gollum-like posture. This throwing-my-back-out-while-sneezing crap is getting old. Who’s up for skydiving? Or toddling with the bulls?

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