The winter break that would not end

The kids were off for two and a half weeks for the holiday but were supposed to go back to school on Tuesday. ¬†Well, they did go back on Tuesday, but with a two-hour snow delay. Then yesterday and today were snow days and tomorrow’s almost guaranteed to be one as well.

Ok, just level with me, I think I can take it. These kids are never going back to school, are they? *stifles a sob*

I cannot take another hour-long Lego Star Wars backstory discussion. I just can’t.

10917297_10152472765147133_2185899052369666676_nThere is a loooong story to go with the Star Wars (and one random Ninja Turtle) invasion of the Lego Friends town. Something to do with overthrowing the farmers market and local vet, no doubt.

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